Would you like to know what your Atlanta home is worth? Sellers can request a Property Report to find what your home or commercial property is worth. Contact Diamond Realty Brokers to Find out the Value of Your Home or Commercial Property.


Market Report




1. The Broker, Angel Knight & her team has sold homes for almost 15 years. Angel Knight has been trusted by many Certified New Home Builders to list hundreds of their homes or Multi Million Dollar portfolios. If you are interested in selling your home with Diamond Realty Brokers, contact us & find out Why You Should List with Diamond Realty Brokers.

Listings are syndicated to, Zillow, Trulia, AJCHomeFinder & hundreds of other internet listing hubs. Yes we meant to say hundreds! Diamond Realty Brokers has unique marketing strategies that we share with our clients. Not to mention, we are found online through hundreds of keywords & campaigns to attract your target buyer. We are strong marketers & we’ll prove it! 

2. A Comparative Market Analysis is the first step to a successful sales strategy. Pricing your property correctly is key whether selling or short selling. Preview an Example of our Market Area Analysis.

3. Sign up on our website for daily updates any time a similar property in your area changes its selling strategy. For example, a price reduction or a status changing from under contract to sold or back on the market. This will provide an effective way to negotiate the sale of your property.

4. Our lender network can provide a mortgage consultation to qualify & pre screen potential buyers. Your buyers can benefit with our lender partnerships with Chase, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Academy Mortgage, Navy Federal Credit Union & more.

5. We provide consultations throughout the closing process in Title Insurance, Home Inspections, Escrow Management, Disclosure Guidelines, Relocation Management and more. If you are short selling, the process requires additional contract management due to more contracts & guidelines from your mortgage company. We negotiate, manage & consult with you & your mortgage company throughout the short sale process.


Simply put a short sale is an alternative to a public foreclosure & may be an option when the owner cannot afford to pay their full mortgage lien balance. The mortgage lien holder can agree to release their lien &/or deficiencies & accept less than the amount owed if the homeowner meets certain guidelines. A Short sale will also help homeowners avoid a public foreclosure. Have you missed consecutive mortgage payments due to financial difficulty? Chances are, you may qualify for a short sale. However, you must start the process with contacting your lender to request their short sale application so the process can get started. Yes this can be exhausting without the assistance of a team that can help you. We have a network of short sale attorneys that will make this process much easier for you to manage your life without managing your short sale.


Did you know the typical “For Sale By Owner” home sold for $187,200 compared to $247,000 for agent assisted home sales according to the National Association of Realtors?

The most difficult task for sellers, who do not have an agent, is understanding legal real estate contracts, terms, conditions, liability, time obligations, managing the process, attracting potential buyers & so much more. Remember effective negotiations account for more than half of your bottom line profit.


6. Diamond Realty Brokers is a premier real estate firm with influential internet exposure. The National Association of Realtors reported that over 80% of homebuyers start their home search on the internet. Your home will be featured with a Multiple Listing Service with reciprocity which means agents & brokers on the internet & other states will be able to view your listing. Imagine the tremendous exposure you’ll receive with this benefit.

Listings are also syndicated to Zillow,, Trulia, AJC Homefinder & hundreds of other internet listing hubs.















7.  We will also provide you with custom flyers & eflyers that we will email to Agents & Brokers.

8. Another added value is lock box access. Lock boxes provide flexibility for other agents to show your property at designated times that you provide.


We look forward to helping you make the best decision for your family or business.




Quality BPO’s, CMA’s with details comparable properties, premier asset marketing, supervision of third party vendors & contractors, contract negotiation, rental & asset management, short sale services, closing & auction coordination.



Review Agreement titled Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement

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